About the Nustory Project

Exploring brand marketing in the era of AI

The Nustory Project: exploring the application of AI to marketing

The Nustory Project is a groundbreaking initiative at the intersection of technology, education, and marketing. At its core, the project explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing sector, particularly in its ability to democratize brand marketing: bringing it to non-profits and startups. Traditionally exclusive to larger corporations due to resource constraints, brand marketing and brand identity creation now has the potential to become more widely accessible thanks to AI.

Central to the Nustory Project is an academic program designed to forge a symbiotic relationship between students and startups or non-profits. Over the course of a semester, students work hands-on with AI to build out a marketing strategy, a marketing campaign testing different brand identities, and provide data-driven recommendations. We offer an experiential learning environment backed up with a marketing and AI learning program to guide students through the project.

We prepare our students not just for the current landscape but also for future shifts in the industry.

- Daryl Pereira

Why the Nustory Project

We are currently at a pivotal moment in the history of technology and business, driven by recent advancements in the field of AI. Making sense of these changes: what they mean in terms of the value chain for business, and how to operationalize and develop the skills needed for this era are all key questions. The impact of this evolution is profound, affecting both the business world and academic institutions, particularly in terms of skill-building and curriculum development.

In this age of innovation, distinguishing between fleeting trends and genuinely transformative technologies is crucial. The Nustory Project addresses this challenge by providing a real-world learning environment focused on the use cases where technology can have the biggest impact on how businesses operate and derive value.

Our project not only equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this new era but also provides startups and non-profits with valuable insights and support in AI-driven marketing. This collaboration fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, essential for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Our educational approach is rooted in an open innovation framework. This framework emphasizes adaptability and collaboration, ensuring that our curriculum remains at the forefront of technological and market advancements.