Nustory Project

Exploring AI for sustainability and business

The Nustory Innovation Lab

Welcome to the Nustory Innovation Lab, where you can explore strategies for infusing AI into building sustainable businesses. The lab is built on principles of Open Innovation and is a collaboration between business and academia with the goal of advancing the field and building skills.

Nustory runs academic projects which pair business students with startups or non-profits over semester-long engagements with hands-on learning. See this case study with University of Miami for an example of a project in action.

Why infuse AI into sustainability marketing

AI for Marketing - Background on the value of adding AI to marketing, across strategy, execution, operations, and analysis.

How to build a sustainable business with AI

Getting started with prompt design - How you can control Generative AI systems using text inputs.
Summarizing text with AI - How to use AI tools to quickly summarize lengthy transcripts.
Empathy mapping for interviews - Using the empathy map framework as a guide in customer interviews.
Creating personas with AI - How to approach market segmentation and the building of customer representations.
Developing a Marketing Concept Brief - How to build out this pivotal document that links strategy with execution.
Using design thinking for marketing - How design thinking can be applied to marketing.
Writing with AI - Tips on creating blogs and other external-facing marketing assets with AI.
Creating ads with AI - Tips on creating blogs and other external-facing marketing assets with AI.

What does a Nustory project look like

The Nustory Project outline - The typical 10-week project to help an organization inject AI into its marketing.